How many of you have thousands on pictures of your family and/or pets on your phone or computer? We are the most photographed generation since we have easy access to a camera at all times.  I even read somewhere that in the last 5 years we have taken more photos than all previous years put together.  Now look around the walls of your house.  Do you have your memories right there for you to see and cherish on a daily basis? 

The Main Frame in Aberdeen, SD is here to do that for you. Brittany Sayler and Ashley Bartscher, owners of The Main Frame are extremely passionate about preserving memories.  Even their slogan  “Expressing your memories…then, now, and forever” gives you a glimpse into all that they do.  

Expressing your memories “then”: If there are special things sitting in your attic collecting dust, shadow boxes are the perfect remedy for that.  Brittany said that anything from sports memorabilia, baptismal or wedding gowns, to your grandmothers broach and letters can be displayed beautifully in a shadow box.  When you put something like that up in your house, it is sure to bring a smile to your face.  They can even do floating frames where you can see both sides of a document.  This way it can preserve older documents that are special to you.

Expressing your memories “now”: I am a framer.  There are so many reasons why I frame.  A frame gives depth to a picture and makes the photo stand out even more.  The right mat and frame can compliment your picture and bring it to life. I always think of a frame as the personality of the picture.  It gives character to your memory.  If you have a fun picture why not pick a fun frame to bring the picture to life?  Give your picture and your space some pizzazz. I guarantee you will not regret it.  Below are a couple of pieces I created and had Brittany frame for me!  They turned out wonderful.

This is my daughter and she loves having this hang in her room.

 I like to switch out my framed photos of my kids with the seasons. 


Expressing your memories “forever”: Computers crash and flash-drives are becoming obsolete (like floppy disks) so how do you guarantee that you will have your pictures forever? You print them out!  The very special ones that you will want to look at forever deserve better….they deserve a frame.  

I really could go on and on about framing because it truly is underrated.  I beg you to try it and you will fall in love with it.  Brittany Sayler and Angie Schneider have a ton of framing experience and they would help you pick out the perfect frame for your perfect picture. 

Seriously if you can't find the right frame here, it isn't out there!


Now framing isn’t everything that they do at The Main Frame.  They can preserve memories on clothing and pretty much anything else that you would like!  Ashley Bartscher is the custom gifts part of The Main Frame and can make your idea for a t-shirt, mug, coaster, apron,……(on and on…) come to life.  She has done several memorial t-shirts for people who have lost someone to be worn by everyone during a special event in their memory.  She has also done custom onesies for baptisms or photoshoots.  Really, the options are endless.  

I am having a couple of shirts I designed printed by them and I was intrigued to find out there are two options for applying that design to the shirts.  One option that The Main Frame does is vinyl application.  This is where they heat transfer vinyl to the shirt and it gives a raised feel to the design.  I love this method because it allows your design to be sparkly!  You can also choose sublimation which is a dye and the design becomes part of the shirt.  They do this technique on multiple items, like mugs, so that they are dishwasher/oven safe. 


Show your school spirit!








Even if you don’t have anything custom in mind, just stop on in The Main Frame and you can shop a selection of shirts and other items that they have designed.  

The Main Frame has so much to offer and this is only the beginning for these ladies!  I am excited to see this business flourish.  

Go on and get your memories preserved for a lifetime.  I am reminded of the saying “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” The ladies at The Main Frame are incredibly creative and so much fun to work with, so stop in and see what they can frame or create for you!