Just like riding a bicycle” is an idiomatic phrase that you may have heard or even used before.  It references something that if you have done it before, you never forget how to do it again.  Riding a bike is certainly something that you won’t forget how to do, but it may have become difficult to do, due to medical reasons, bad knees, or just elevated age. Biking is a great way to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and scenery, all while getting some exercise in.  If you are unable to bike then you may start to feel that you are missing out on these wonderful things.

This is where Jason Osborn of Oz Motorz in Aberdeen, SD is here to help.  Jason offers a wonderful alternative for people who are unable to bike due to the previous listed reason, electric bikes or E-bikes.  Now I am going to be honest, I never really thought about electric bikes before I did this blog, but after learning and test driving one (super fun by the way), I am sold.  

Jason started this new adventure July 2nd and is excited to bring these electric bike options right to you from his truck.  This makes it extremely convenient and comfortable for the buyer because you can test these bikes on the same paths that you would typically use day to day.  

One type of electric bike that he offers is a pedal assist only bike.  This is a bike that you still have to pedal, which gives you exercise, but it assists that pedal making it easier than a conventional bicycle.   Pedaling engages a small motor that will give you a boost and help you accelerate. If you are wondering, there is a safety feature installed, so you will not speed out of control.  Most motors are set up to stop accelerating once they reach a certain speed. 

Also with the pedal assist, power is only provided for you when you pedal, and you can choose the level of assistance you would like. If you have the lowest setting on, level 1, there will be very little assistance and it will feel like you are riding a regular bike. If you want to get somewhere with little effort, move it on up to a level 8 and you will get a lot of support so you can get to your destination without breaking a sweat. The level of assistance is displayed right on a monitor attached to the handle bars so you can easily see it. 

These bikes are great for people with bad knees.  If you are having an okay day and your knees are feeling pretty good have a low assistance on.  If you are having a bad knee day put more assistance on.

Another option are the battery, throttle E-bikes.  This gives you the ability to drive the bike using a thumb throttle, similar to a scooter or motorcycle, instead of pedaling.  You can just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Usually these bikes also have the pedal assist option built in as well so you can pedal if you want.  These bikes with the throttle option are great for those with medical conditions in which it is hard to move their legs in a cyclic motion.  

As you can see these bikes really look just like normal bikes.  Even has a spot where a basket can be added.  

Maybe you have a nice bike that you already love, but it is becoming harder to get around, a Kit Bike is a perfect option for you.  This kit will convert your already owned bike into an E-bike. 

E-bikes are a great alternative means of transportation for hunters.  Since these bikes are really quiet and sleek, hunters can take these bikes right up to their deer stands.  They are also pretty easy to hide.

E-bikes are a fun and eco-friendly way to upgrade your daily commute or a way to get back outside if you have been cooped up due to knee issues or medical reasons.  Look up Oz Motorz online at ozmotorz.com or his facebook page @OzMotorz.  If you want to try it out he will come to you!  Can’t get more convenient than that.