Peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, grilled cheese and tomato soup, peanut butter and chocolate….heck peanut butter with anything right, and let’s not forget about the best combination of all pizza and beer.  This is my favorite blend because when I think of pizza I think of family and when I think of beer I think of friends and a good time so when you put it altogether you have the best of everything.  That is exactly what Danger von Dempsey’s Pizza and Brewhaus offers, amazing pizza with a family atmosphere, as well as flavorful beer for friends and a good time.  

Dempsey’s opened May 22, 2019 and it has been a whirlwind for owner, Sean Dempsey, and his General Manager/Lead Cook Michael Bacon. Both travel around competing in pizza competitions and are winners by the way.  Michael generally gets to two competitions a year while Sean tries for five or six a year.  I think it is incredible to have people of their caliber in Aberdeen, SD.  They are so excited to be in Aberdeen and are eager to meet more of the Aberdeen community.  

As soon as my daughter and I walked in, we felt as if we were part of their family. Everyone is so friendly and I could tell that we were in for a treat.  

While walking around I couldn’t help but notice the fun tables.  Sean and his mother created these amazing works of art.  It is something fun to look at while your pizza is cooking.  The bright walls make the place so cheery and make a great contrast from the brick.

The walls of Dempsey’s is full of pictures that represent a part of Sean.  From the pictures of his family and friends to the wall of 1920’s travel posters representing Seans love of travel (He travels all of the world).  It really gives you a sense of who he is and what drives him forward day to day.  

I love the open-kitchen concept. He wanted this open-concept feature in order for families to bring in their kids and interact with artists at work making their masterpiece.  

After the quick tour Sean invited us into the kitchen to make our pizzas.  We were both pretty excited at this opportunity although I was a little nervous that my daughter would be showing me up in the kitchen. To make me even more nervous, one of the talented staff members is also a great photographer so I will be making an appearance in these photos (I would much rather be behind the camera).

First we started with the dough.  The dough is made from scratch, of course, and rests overnight so that it is perfect.  There even is a specific way in which we picked it up.  Then Sean attempted to show us how to work the dough so that it resembled a pizza crust.  

We tried hard...…..

Next was to do the famous pizza toss in the air…

Wow he is good…

Our turn......

just kidding we didn’t even attempt it.  I didn’t want to ruin the dough or the kitchen.

Then came the sauce, cheese (I learned that there is a thing as too much cheese on a pizza), and toppings.  

Picking up the pizza with these long, large spatulas proved to be the hardest for us.  It takes a special technique that I was not proficient at.  All the staff around us were reassuring and made us feel better that they struggled with it at the beginning as well.  Once we finally got it picked up it was time to toss it in the oven.

Now this is an oven! Her name is Hildegarde. Yes she deserved a name! Hildegarde is a double decker brick oven that weighs three tons.  Sean says that this in not ever leaving the premises because of the amount of work it took to get her in there! This brick oven allows the pizza to cook evenly and only take 3-5 minutes.

The smells are to die for in this place. Too bad these pictures are not scratch and sniff.  

When the pizzas come out of the oven they are finished with butter and sea salt….can it get any better?

Oh don’t forget the fun pizza cutter.  

The pizza that I made is Ala Noche which has a marinara sauce topped with steak, chicken, green peppers, onions, cheddar-jack, and mozzarella cheese with a lime zest finish…….DELICIOUS.

Avery’s was little bit more plain.  She topped her marinara base with mozzarella cheese and prosciutto. 

The cheese was perfect!

Dempsey's also has the perfect root beer or cream soda to compliment the flavorful pizza.

Make sure you get some garlic knots on the side as well!

Check out what their spring/summer menu has to offer. I asked Sean what the most popular pizzas were and he thought that Buffalo Soldier, Supreme, and Walking Taco were some of their top requests.  

They change their menu often (quarterly) to keep it fresh and interesting.  I can’t wait to see what will be on the next menu.

This isn’t it for Dempsey’s.  There is so much more to come in the future with this place.  A back porch brewhouse with a two-barrel system and patio are in the works.  Next year, Sean hopes to be locally brewing two to three crazy different beers just for Aberdeen.  He will also be brining in more beer that is brewed in his other brewery in Watertown, SD.  

I had such an amazing time at Dempsey’s. My daughter asked if we can blog them again, so I am assuming she had a fun time as well. Sean's goal with Danger von Dempsey’s Pizza and Brewhaus was to do something different.  To make odd-ball pizzas that put smiles on people’s faces.  He definitely succeeded bringing a smile to our faces!  

Whether you are looking for a great night out with friends or maybe a family pizza night make sure you think about Danger von Dempsey’s Pizza and Brewhaus.

Don't forget to take a selfie by the sign!